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A Virtual Tour of Astral Castle

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Astral Castle's Storefront
There are two ways to take this "Virtual Tour." One is to look at the thumbnails and descriptions below, and only click on the thumbnails if you particularly want to see more detail or get more descriptions. You'll find links within the descriptions to pages that give you more detail about what we sell. Always keep in mind that one of the advantages of being local is that you can find even more stuff offered within our store than you'll find in our online catalog.

The other way to go is to take the Whole Tour in which you'll visit each part of the store, picture-by-picture, clicking on the "Next" link to get to the next stop on the tour. But first, here's a map of the store's layout to get you oriented:

From Front Door Looking Right

Looking right as you come through the front door, you'll see the board games section. This holds mostly family games, plus historical, strategic and even children's games; murder mystery games, and party games too..

Next looking left, still standing just within the door, you'll first notice a table and chairs. Games are played here when the store's main gaming area is filled up. Just as often, you'll find parents resting here, or customers waiting for their ride to show up.


From Front Door Looking Left


Closeup of Games Case


Stepping further to the left you might want to check out what's inside the big blue case. A family of unicorns often lurk in this area, hiding among the classic games like backgammon, chess, and more ancient games like senat, mah jongg, and go.

Between the blue case near the front door, and the cash register, is another case. Right now you'll find lots of Harry Potter stuff in here, as well as sample packs of Pokemon and Dragonball Z and just about anything else we find interesting at the moment. On top of this case we offer a huge variety of dice. Beyond the case you can see some of the binders in which we keep individual cards -- this is just the edge of the collection, though, as you'll see in another photo.

CCGS and Case

Front Desk Area


Turning now towards the back of the store, you see the front desk on your left -- our cash register's monitor sits on top of a Pocket Dragon box. Beyond the case filled with dragons, you can see the Coke machine -- just ask and we'll fetch you one (they're only 50).


Rotating just a little to the right so that the Coke machine is now just off the left edge, you can see the door to the back room, the last display case in the line, a Michael Whelan print, "Shonto's Garden" hanging high on the wall, a crowd of sf heroes marking the turn into Dave's packing area, and on the right, the line of chairs begins the open gaming section..

Toward The Back of the Store

Peeking Into Dave's Packing Area


Peeking into Dave's packing area you can see the big painting on the back wall, although not the dragon featured in it (I'll have to get a photo of that and add it in here...) Past that dragon and down a hall is the "Break Room" where you can get a free drink of water or cup of coffee; and at the end of the hall is the rest room.


Here is the left side of the game area, also showing the "Wall of Warhammer" plus more warhammer and a display case on the side wall. The game area sits directly across from the front desk.


Left Side of Open Game Area

Right Side of Game Area


This is the right side of the game area. You can see the lighted miniatures display on the far wall, with shelves of RPG books (Warhammer, D&D, and more) at the bottom. Along the right side of this view is the Citadel Paint rack, a collection of various toys, and the T-shirt rack.


Here's a shot to prove that there are, in fact, people who hang out in our store and play games. This was taken on a Friday afternoon, and is shot looking toward the Wall of Warhammer.


Gamers at play in open game area

Swinging door, cases, and behind the counter

From within the game area, looking back, here's a view of the swinging door (that you shouldn't lean on) and the last blue case with all kinds of interesting odds and ends in it, including dragons -- especially Oriental dragons, dice bags, tarot decks, gargoyles, and accessories for fans of the World of Darkness games.


Another view from within the game area, looking at the case to the left of the swinging door (labeled as "Here There Be Dragons" on the map above. So far the Pocket Dragons are winning the battle for space against the Windstone Editions, largely because there are so many Pocket Dragons (even some who are retired -- they may be old but they're feisty!).


Looking into the dragon case

Wall of Warhammer

The Wall of Warhammer in its full glory.

One of our isles of bookshelves -- this one between the game area and the front door. On the left you see the racks of art cards, the end cap holds RPGs, and the right side has videos for rent.

Cards and RPGs Isle

Wall of Collectible Card Game Singles

As promised, here is a view of our binders full of individual cards. (Note all the boxes of unopened packs on the top shelf.) These are mostly Magic, Star Wars, Pokemon, and Dragonball Z. We keep many more cards in file boxes in the back room.

We also had a radio ad made by our employee Scott Parker that you can listen to here.

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