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Virtual Tour of Astral Castle

Looking Toward The Back

The chair at the front counter is on the left. You can see the two cases which flank a swinging door through which only employees are allowed to go (and please don't lean on it or you may pull the hinges off). The door to the back room is at the left, and high on the wall is Michael Whelan's "Shonto's Garden" which is for sale but I'd miss it if it were gone, so please don't buy it. In this view, Han, Bobba Fett and Lando block the way into Dave's packing area, but they aren't usually standing there. You can see, beyond them, the well-lit hallway that leads to the break room (the dark doorway on the right of the hall) and further down the hall is the restroom. A wing of the airbrushed dragon can be seen on the painting, and the edges of the game area.

View Toward The Back Of The Store in the Virtual Tour of Astral Castle
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