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Virtual Tour of Astral Castle

Closeup of First All-Glass Case

This case generally offers whatever's newest and hottest in our store. In this photo there's lots of Harry Potter stuff on the bottom shelf, including the books flanked by two egg bookends (something's hatching!), and the Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone game. In this case are also example packs of various card games -- Dragonball Z and Pokemon, plus miniatures from the new and cool Mage Knight tabletop game. On top of the case is our large selection of dice -- individuals in the white drawers, sets in little cubes, plus stones to use as damage or life counters (or for your Pente Game). On the shelves behind you can see even more binders of individual cards (Middle Earth, Dragonball Z, Magi-Nation, Magic, Star Wars) and the top shelf on this end has mostly Magic: The Gathering packs.

View of Glass Case, Dice, Collectible Card Games
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