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We sell Melody Pena's " Windstone Editions" by mail order world-wide. We offer fast, friendly, reliable service and all items are very well packed, including being double boxed. Melody Pena's Windstone Editions line encompasses an incredible range of fantastic fantasy creatures, including Dragons, Wizards, Unicorns, Griffins, Gargoyles, Cats (some with wings, some without) -- and more! The line includes a very popular series of Candlelamps in which you can burn votives (included) or you can buy an electric lamp to put inside. A good reason to shop with Astral Castle for your Windstone Editions is that you get free shipping on orders over $100.00 sent within the continental U.S.A. (please read important details below). If you want to buy Windstone Editions, please make this page your first stop! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Catalog News 

  • We hope you will visit our Windstone Editions Encyclopedia. Its purpose is to provide information to the collector. Our aim is to list every piece ever made by M. Pena that has been sold through retail stores, with details on original and later retail prices, dates of release and retirement, as well as images of each piece. We hope you find the information useful.
  •  New Sculptures!  Below are pictures of some of M. Pena's recent work, including a Family of Wolf Griffins ("Wolf" being the color name), Golden Dragons, Black Gold Dragons, and Emerald-Peacock Dragons. Just click on the pictures or the titles to go straight to the category in our catalog where we have that figurine for sale.

Male Grifin (Wolf)

Female Griffin (Wolf)

Crouching Griffin Chick (Wolf)

Sitting Griffin Chick (Wolf)

Emperor Dragon (Gold)

Old Warrior Dragon (Gold)

  • Please note: We are not the company "Windstone Editions" -- we are a retailer offering Regular Production Windstone Editions sculptures for sale through our store. There is a Windstone Editions Website which has, amongst other things, a very lively discussion forum. 



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