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Astral Castle Layaway

Layaway Plan Highlights:

    $100.00 Minimum order
    Minimum payments are 20% of the total, per month
    Deposit of 10%
    No interest or fees.

Just add the "layaway" item to your basket and we will NOT process the order immediately; we will contact you to sort out the details. Click here to go directly to the layaway page on our website.

    More information:

    We offer layaway on orders of $100.00 or more, with minimum payments of 20% of the total (including shipping fees and taxes if applicable) per month, due in advance. Each item on layaway requires a deposit of 10% of its value (excluding shipping fees and taxes), and this deposit is refundable only towards the final payment of that item. The deposit is taken as a portion of the initial payment; it is not in addition to that initial payment.

    We do not ship your package until the last payment has been made.

    There are no additional fees or interest payments associated with our layaway plan: the amount you will eventually have paid is the same as you would have paid had you bought outright.

    Initial payment is due upon your agreement to the layaway plan, and subsequent payments are due at monthly intervals thereafter. Thus, five payments of 20% each would span 4 months. There is a grace period of 10 days for the initial payment; thereafter the grace period is one month. If a payment is not received within a month of it being due we reserve the right to put the order back into stock. We would not do this without having sent you one or more reminder notices at least a week beforehand, and we would refund all payments with the exception of the original 10% deposit.

    Payments in excess of the minimum will be considered to be advance payments towards future installments; if you initially pay 50% of the total this would cover the first two payments, but 10% of the total would become due the following month since at that point 60% of the total should have been paid.

    The "monthly minimum" is intended as a guideline for those who wish to make the lowest individual payments over the longest time. Larger payments over a shorter time will get you your stuff quicker.

    There is a 21-day hold placed on shipping an order when payment is made by personal check, as it can take our bank that long to return a check to us if it does not clear. This is likely to affect the shipping of your layaway package only if the last payment is made by personal check. We recommend paying the final installment by Money Order or credit card.

    If you wish to make regular payments by credit card, we can keep the information on file and issue a charge to your account on a predetermined date each month. Since this is not automated, you can ask us to change the amount or the date at any time.

    In order to have your order processed as a Layaway, you can contact us before placing your order, or you can "buy" the stock item with the product code "Layaway", which is listed towards the top of the page. We would then contact you to make specific arrangements.

    If you place an order then decide you really wanted it to be processed as a Layaway, but you didn't indicate that on the order or make prior arrangements, just contact us as soon as possible and hopefully we'll be able to catch the order before it gets processed (we ring up sales manually, so there is a delay between your placing an order and your credit card being charged).

    If you have any questions, please ask. You can email us through this form.
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