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Melody Peña's Windstone Editions can be found throughout the U.S. but at this time there aren't many fan sites. If you have one, or know of one, please let us know using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page..

Official Sites:
Windstone Editions Official Website  
Information, artist galleries, discussion Forum. A Must-Visit site.
Informational Page::
Bladespark's "How To Pack Windstones" instruction page.
If you ever need to pack a Windstone sculpture for shipping, here is how to do it. If you ever buy a Windstone sculpture from someone on on an auction site, I highly recommend that you send a link to this page to the seller.
Personal Sites:
Yahoo Groups' Windstone Dragon Collectors
Here's a message board where you can post your wish-list, items for sale, and just generally chat about Melody Pena's work.
Our Commercial Site:
Astral Castle's Windstone Editions For Sale
How could we forget to add a link to our own Windstone Editions catalog, complete with images of all in-stock Windstones, as well as most of those on back order! Check it out if you're looking for the best prices on these critters. We also have a really cool Windstone Editions Encyclopedia where you'll find information (issue and retirement date, issue price) on every Windstone Editions figurine ever sold, and images of most of them!

Does your page belong here? If you think it does, please contact us and we'll visit and consider your site for addition to our links.

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