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What Do Pocket Dragons Do When They Retire?

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We sell Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragons by mail order world-wide. We offer fast, friendly, reliable service. Our catalog is the best way to shop for Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragons because there you will find pictures of every in-stock Pocket Dragon. If you want to buy Pocket Dragons, please make this page your first stop! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Real and Muff Retire
What Do Pocket Dragons Do When They Retire?
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  • What do Pocket Dragons Do When They Retire? Muff and Real Musgrave have been thinking about retirement a lot lately and this is part of the inspiration for the children's book they collaborated on. Originally intended to be distributed through Collectible World Studios (CWS), with CWS in receivership the book went into limbo until the Musgraves decided to complete publication themselves and offer it through full-line Pocket Dragon retailers like ourselves. Although written in the style of a children's book, this delightful story produces many noddings of heads in agreement amongst us older readers. More detail can be found on the order page.


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