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This is the official name that appears on Windstone Editions price lists.
If I have an image, it appears here as a thumbnail. If I have a larger image, you can click on the thumbnail to see it.
Catalog Number
Windstone Editions' official catalog number (used by retailers to order the piece). There are a few duplicates because the Castles, by Gary Kinsella, had the numbers 101, 103, 104, and 105, which were re-cycled from a series of animals that had retired some years before (the number 102 was not re-used, though I don't know why).
Issue Price
This is the suggested retail price (if known) in U.S. Dollars. Multiple prices indicate price increases over time, so the first will be the original issue price and the last will be the current price or the price in effect when the figurine was retired. We make no attempt to gauge the secondary market prices on retired figurines, and if we have a retired figurine for sale its price may well be more than the last quoted retail price.  
Issue Year
Year of U.S. issue (if known). If we don't know when a figurine was issued, but know it was before a certain year, this will be indicated as, for example, " < 1998".
Year of U.S. retirement. If we don't know when a figurine retired, but know it was before or after a certain year, this will be indicated as, for example, " < 1998" or " > 1998". Note that it is logically possible to have the odd combination of something being issued before a date that is later than the date after which it was retired. The word "no" appears here if the figurine is not yet retired, even if it may be temporarily unavailable and indeed may eventually be retired without actually having become available again.
Available to order now
If this figurine is currently available from Astral Castle, the word "Yes" will be linked to the ordering page in our catalog.


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