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This is the official name that appears on the piece; other variants do appear (e.g. "Sir Nigel" short for his true name).
If I have an image, it appears here as a thumbnail. If I have a larger image, you can click on the thumbnail to see it.


A new concept, this piece is limited by the time of its availability. It will be available for just one year, and therefore its numbers will be limited by how many are ordered by retailers during that time. This should increase this sort of figurine's collectibility.
Christmas Edition
These are generally available for a little more than a year, from Christmas of the year of issue through the end of the next year. Because they have a short manufacturing life, they are limited in quantity so are more collectible than the Regular Editions but, on the other hand, they are available to the general public so they may be a little less "limited" than Collector's Club, Members Only and especially the Event Pieces. Not all Christmas-themed pieces are Christmas Editions; some (like Candy Cane) are available for several years.
Collectors Club
This is the piece you get "free" when you join the club. It usually comes with other goodies like a pin, maybe a tin, and several enclosures.
Limited Edition
A set number of these are produced, the number is generally only "firm" once the limited edition certificates have been printed up. So far the range on these has been a low of 2500 (The Volunteer and Under The Bed), and a high of 4000 (Computer Wizard). Generally the run is split so that the U.S. gets half and the U.K. gets half, though that may be changing. These are higher dollar pieces but since they are limited edition they can often escalate quickly in value.
Members Only
Available as an extra purchase to members of the Collector's Club during the year they bought the membership. Generally membership runs from June to May, however, if you sign up any time during the year your membership still expires in May, and if you want the special Members Only piece you must send in the certificate that you were sent when you got your club materials. Since they are produced for only one year and are available only to club members, there are not very many of these made, which will increase their collectibility.
Pocket Dragon Of The Day
A new concept in collecting was added in 2000 with a very limited availability piece called, "The Pocket Dragon Of The Day." The first one, "Your Prince Is Here" has an issue date of July 29, 2000.
Regular Edition
These figurines are generally available to the public for more than a year.
Special Event
Sometimes called the "Tour" or "Appearance Piece" because in the past they have been most often found when Real Musgrave comes to do a signing in a store, now that the artist is reducing the number of his appearances, you will more often find them at simple "Pocket Dragon Events" which are basically days in which retailers celebrate the fun of this line of figurines with food and festivities in their stores. The Special Event piece appears and retires along with the annual club pieces, but is not available from a retailer prior to their Event, so the limited time and limited availability should make these pieces quite collectible.
Issue Price
This is the price (if known) in U.S. Dollars. Some pieces had no official price (e.g. Collectors Club joining pieces) and some were combined ("Won't You Join Us" and "A Spot of Tea" were sold together), yet others were free ("Friendship Pin" given when you signed up a friend to the Collectors Club). Those with two prices listed (for example $35.00/39.00 on "Sees All...Knows All...") are those that are known to have had a price change over the time of their issuance, with the earlier price listed first.
Issue Year
Year of U.S. issue.
Year of U.S. retirement. The word "no" appears here if it is not yet retired, or other explanation (e.g. if we know when it is due to retire).



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