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Customer Praise For Astral Castle's Mail Order Service and Store

The following are quotes from email sent to us by various customers. I will not put actual email addresses on this page because I do not want our customer's addresses to be collected for spamming (and you'll notice we do not believe it bulk emailing, either.)

"Bill and I were discussing my 'passion' (or obsession) for Pocket Dragons yesterday and how long we have been your customer. As far as I can determine, I have been a customer for about 9 years. I still maintain that you are the best proprietor on the Internet! Your personal service is always excellent. I have placed at least 25 orders with you over the years and have never had a single issue! I hope your Castle has a wonderful celebration for your 15th anniversary. I always enjoy shopping on your website and often take advantage of your Pocket Dragon Gallery which is the most complete and well formatted list I have ever found." Denise S in Arizona, November 2010.
"I just want to take this opportunity to let you know what an excellent shopping experience I had thru your web site and store. I found your site after doing a Yahoo search on 'Windstone.' But, I was not familiar with your store and you are very out of state for me (I'm in Michigan). So I was a bit uncertain about doing business with an unknown. 

"But, your site was attractive, easy to navigate, very informative and had lots of security info on it, as well as the 'this is how we do our business' stuff. So, I decided to take a chance. It worked! My order was delivered on time, everything was correct, your packaging was great, everything was in good condition. I am very impressed with you!! So, thanks for a great experience and I hope I will be shopping with you again."

Jesse in Michigan
"Let it be proclaimed from the mountain top. You most definitely rock." Darrell in Austin, Texas, re single cards
"Thanks again for your understanding and eagerness to 'serve' your customers. You don't often find dealerships or retailers that give the 'personal' service of old which I remember from my younger days. I get that feeling from you and I'm sure the entire staff at Astral Castle follows that closely as well." Watch G in Clarksville, Tennessee
"Thank you very much for your excellent service! I'll more than likely be purchasing other Dragons from you in the future. I am bookmarking your web page for reference so I can cybershop for other figurines as they become available." Richelle R in Golden Meadow, Louisiana
"You guys are amazing! I don't know how you manage to keep coming up with just the right retired dragons that I most want to find. Thank you for all you do to help 'feed' my Pocket Dragon obsession." Victorial H in Colorado Springs, Colorado
"Dear Dave and Linda. I just wanted to tell you that your services are greatly appreciated. You absolutely define what customer service is and should be! Since I discovered your site (hard to believe that it was years ago!) I have purchased all of my pocket dragons from your business exclusively - not just because you have the best prices, but because of the courtesy, patience, and respect you have given me as a customer. Good people are far too seldom acknowledged - and you both deserve praise!" Denise S in Arizona, January 2006.
"Thanks a lot for sending the Battletech cards! I liked the way you packed them..." Tim G in Lubbock, Texas
"I just wanted to thank you for your fast service in shipping me the Pocket Dragons I ordered. I will definitely be a returning customer!" Ramona H in Parker, Colorado
"Hello fellow game nut. I just wanted to say you guys have a great store. I used to live in Big Spring, Tx and I commuted to Midland a few times just to visit your store. I've since transferred back to my home of Houston, Tx and miss your store.

"You guys had a great selection of Magic and Warhammer products (my two favorites). I might also add that your selection was even better than a lot of the bigger Houston-area stores.

"I miss your store. Keep up the great work."

Richard B in Houston, Texas
"Dear David, I just found your very funny, eleven-paragraph explanation of the shipping charges. The entire writing is delightful! I'm very pleased with every bit of it." Jane McC in Atlanta, Georgia

Of course we don't always answer with eleven paragraphs of humor, but sometimes we do have a little bit of fun. It's our way of giving the impersonal face of the web a little touch of the hominess of our store. We invite you to drop in and chat with us -- virtually or in reality -- any time!

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